Dry Van Secure & Reliable

Our multiple dry van services allow us to be highly flexible to meet just about any hauling need. Our flexibility matched with a customer service team who does whatever is needed to get the job done means you can rely on Focus Freight to get your load where it needs to go when it needs to be there.

We offer the following dry van services:

  • Drop Tailer
    If you have regular loads, we’re happy to arrange to have a trailer dropped for you to load when it suits your schedule.
  • Live Load
    Don’t have room for a dropped trailer, or don’t have consistent load volumes? We can live load and accommodate your unique schedule.
  • One or Multiple Stops
    We can easily handle your standard dry van hauls. If you need your cargo shipped to one location, or have multiple stops, we’ll get your shipment where it needs to go quickly and efficiently.
  • Pallet Jack Service
    If your customer doesn’t have a dock, we can use our pallet jacks to get the load to the back of the trailer for easy delivery to a forklift.
  • Hand Unload Down Stack Freight
    Sometimes a full pallet doesn’t match your customer’s needs. We can hand unload and down stack pallets as required.


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